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The Unicist Ontology to deal with the nature of problems

Unicist OntologyThe Ontology of Ontology

Peter Belohlavek found that systemic methodologies did not apply to the research of complex systems which are based on a conjunction of objects and/or subsystems. Living beings naturally transfer their functionality to the environment where they act, depositing functions that have the living being’s same logical structure and that generate the existence of extrinsic concepts.

Extrinsic concepts have the same logical structure but they are not implicit in inanimate beings; they are deposited by the living beings they are functional to. This is the origin of the ontology that has been used for many years in philosophy and now also in the field of systemic sciences, complexity science and to deal with adaptive systems. This is what Unicist ontology is about.

The Unicist ontology has emulated the structure of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature in order to deal and influence complex and adaptive systems.

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Diana Belohlavek
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