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Work: Lazy minds live in parallel realities

The Unicist Standard for human behavior defines that “Lazy minds” create fallacies to avoid assuming responsibilities.

It has to be considered that:

1) humans need to minimize their energy consumption;
2) the brain is the most energy consuming organ of the human body;
3) fallacies are the less energy consuming thoughts of individuals.

“Lazy minds” generate personal attitudes to minimize the commitment of individuals with their environment. For lazy minds, work is not a value adding activity, just a pastime activity to earn money. Therefore fallacies become the natural response. To avoid measuring the value they add they measure their intentions.

The motto “Time is Money” was invented for them. It justifies their earnings without considering their added value. Time is not money in the real world, just a cost. The added value produced is what is worth money.

“From now on” are the most used words by lazy minds (some cultures prefer saying “tomorrow”) and “the need of change” is their excuse. Focusing on what they can produce is their solution.

But… Who can focus on work in a parallel world?

It is up to you! – We all need to live some time in parallel worlds.

Another but… Work is Work!

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Peter Belohlavek

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