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The Use of Unicist Business Objects for Fashion Building

Fashions are structured trends that generate habits to allow people enter a valuable “inclusion space”. The inclusion space is a community that promotes habits that become a fashion among their members.

Communities are groups of people whose goal is to increase their self-esteem within a framework of competition in order to reach a position within the community, and to show an attitude of being superior to those not belonging to such community.

Including products or services into a trend implies developing a fashion which requires building an object that is desirable and appropriable and allows individuals entering a valuable inclusion space defined by a community.

The driver of fashion building is a “communitarian” approach to business. The entropy inhibitor is an adequate aesthetic for the belonging group of the customers and the catalyst is the aesthetic for the reference group of the market.

Fashion building is the most difficult and exquisite marketing approach in business. As it generates a high level of subjective value it is also the most profitable.

It is an application of the riddle:

The best business in the world requires:
To climb a mountain, throw a stone,
let the stone launch an avalanche,

let the avalanche build a dam,
get the price of the dam and

have the cost of the stone.

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Peter Belohlavek

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