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Metaphor: Snow White’s Stepmother Syndrome

Parallel realities are fed by the use of mirrors that reflect the projection individuals want to see.

These mirrors are sustained by a framework of fallacious myths and denials that provide the reflection effect that is sought for.

Fallacious myths provide the sensation of superiority that is self-fulfilling for people who suffer the Stepmother Syndrome. On the other hand, denials allow eliminating any information that endangers the perception of superiority.

These mirrors in fact do not exist. They are built by the projections of Snow White’s Stepmother adopting multiple shapes, in order to avoid being discovered, to provide a perception of “beauty”.

The paradox is that beautiful people might suffer this syndrome transforming their beauty into unbearable ugliness.

People suffering this syndrome have an endless need to be recognized for what they are not.

The cure of the syndrome is extremely simple: Use your neighbors’ eyes as a mirror. The syndrome simply vanishes.

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