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The behavior of ants-colonies and Internet is homologous

An essential analogy, homology, between ants’ activity and Internet has been done at the Stanford University. This is just a confirmation of the benefits of emulating the organization of Nature.

“Here we present a feedback-based algorithm that captures the main features of data from field experiments in which the rate of returning foragers was manipulated.

The algorithm draws on our finding that the distribution of intervals between successive ants returning to the nest is a Poisson process.

We fitted the parameter that estimates the effect of each returning forager on the rate at which outgoing foragers leave the nest.

We found that correlations between observed rates of returning foragers and simulated rates of outgoing foragers, using our model, were similar to those in the data.

Our simple stochastic model shows how the regulation of ant colony foraging can operate without spatial information, describing a process at the level of individual ants that predicts the overall foraging activity of the colony.”

Learn more: http://goo.gl/kmCqA

Diego Belohlavek

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