Teamwork: Beware of Smart Alecks

Smart Alecks cannot add value. Maximal Strategies demand adding value to the environment to go beyond the existing boundaries of a business.

Smart Alecks are advantage takers that have an amoral behavior in order to profit from the environment. This kind of behavior is the natural response of stagnant survivors when managing businesses.

Stagnant survivors are naturally “smarties” in order to live from the environment.

They are driven by anti-intelligence and anti-intuition having no ethical rules in their behavior. They need to degrade the environment in order to justify their appropriation. When they have a high IQ, they become extremely dangerous because their critics are very smart, fallacious and well disguised.

The awareness of their actions is “zero” because they are basically driven by greed that drives them into fallacious behaviors.

One cannot deal with smart alecks because they assume no commitment with what they apparently agreed, and they always find the necessary justification for their non-fulfillment.

Their amoral behavior is sustained by accomplices in order to have the power to impose their rules. They manipulate others based on the generation of urgent needs that hinder the existence of alternative actions.

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in using the unicist logical approach in complexity science research and became a private global decentralized leading research organization in the field of human adaptive systems. It has an academic arm and a business arm.