Overcoming Scarcity sustains the strategy for growth

The concept of economic growth, at an operational level, implies the need to integrate a superior technology, monetary circulation, competitiveness and the overcoming scarcity.

Overcoming scarcity is what sustains the minimum strategy for growth. It implies the integration of social capital with competitiveness and cooperation in order to achieve this goal.

That is why it can be said that growth is not a regional matter, it is a national or institutional matter.

Competitiveness and cooperation are concepts that can be easily understood. That is why we would like to clarify the meaning of social capital defining it as the integration of a communitarian identity with a context that makes people feel valued and gives them a sense of superiority.

Without a strong sense of identity there is no possibility to generate social capital which is basic for growth. That is why when crises, at an institutional or social level, are just palliated and not cured, there can be no sense of superiority which is necessary to build social capital to generate growth.

Reactivation can be generated by managing monetary circulation, but structural growth requires having a minimum strategy which implies social capital, competitiveness and cooperation.

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became the major research organization in the world in the field of human adaptive systems. More than 4,200 unicist ontological researches were developed since 1976 until December 2011 in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution. They included the development of the unicist ontogenetic maps (DNA) of institutions.