Adaptive System Management

Adaptive System Management is a Complex Problem

When dealing with adaptive aspects of businesses it is necessary to be focused on solutions and not on problem solving. This sounds counterintuitive but only if a physician is able to cure a disease or a patient s/he will be able to diagnoses the problem. Solution thinking is the characteristics of individuals that are talented in a specific field.

“Complex problem solving requires an action-reflection-action process. This implies the involvement in the problem as a participant. Without this involvement there is no possibility to apprehend the ontological structure of the complex problem.

The learning of complex problem solving is implicitly a complex problem. Therefore the learning process requires the commitment of real problem solving adding value to the individual or organization dealing with the complex problem.

An individual cannot deal with complexity if s/he is not able to over-come the fears that are implicit in a complex problem solving process. The denial of these fears ensures the building of parallel realities and the achievement of dysfunctional results. 

Authoritarian environments foster fears to avoid losing control. Individualistic-anarchic environments foster fears to avoid the assumption of responsibilities. That is why complex problem solving and its learning process require a special context to be developed.”

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NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a global decentralized world-class research organization in the field of human adaptive systems.