Business Growth

The Unicist Approach for Growth

Businesses, by definition, happen in the future and it has to be considered that the past and the future are not symmetric.

The unicist approach uses both fundamental and technical analytical knowledge. It deals with the future using the unicist ontology based fundamentals.

Its unicist logic allows inferring the future to diagnose, build strategies, design architectures and build business objects.

The technical analytical tools are used to operate the businesses.

It has to be considered that unicist ontology based and object driven technologies have been developed to influence the future of businesses to make growth happen.

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a global decentralized world-class research organization in the field of human adaptive systems.


Invitation: Social Networks as a Marketplace

The Unicist Research Institute invites companies to integrate Market-Labs Consortia to develop the use of Social Networks as market catalysts.

The Unicist Market-Lab has been opened to develop Business Consortia after 3 years of using, monitoring and researching the functionality of Social Networks. The research was led by Peter Belohlavek.

It has been demonstrated that Social Networks besides working as a market channel work also as market catalysts for a broad spectrum of products and services.

Four social networks have been considered as paradigmatic examples of their segments: Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter. Google has developed from a search engine to a “Multi-minority” Social Network.

In this first step we estimate that the business to be catalyzed using Social Networks exceeds 5,000 billion dollars.

The Unicist Research Institute invites companies to integrate Market-Lab Consortia to use Social Networks as sales catalysts.

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