The use of business catalysts in commercial processes

Unicist commercial catalysts influence the use of inner freedom. The installation of catalysts in commercial processes only works if the catalysts have a superior ethical approach that allows buyers exerting a higher level of decision freedom.

Mental processes are catalyzed by questions. But there is no catalysis if the questions posed generate answers. Catalysis is only produced when questions are responded with other questions.

This implies that the catalysts of mental process are the questions that are asked by the individual her/himself and not the one posed by others.

Only individuals who have inner freedom are able to ask themselves questions without feeling pushed. The proactive questions individuals have are the demonstration of inner freedom in action.

Affirmations, posed as fuzzy facts allow generating questions in the mind of the recipient of a communication. That is why fuzzy affirmations, with a superior ethical content, are the natural catalysts of commercial processes.

Only individuals focused on the true customer’s needs are able to use commercial catalysts.

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Peter Belohlavek

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