Unicist Turnkey Solutions for End-Users in Business

From August 2012 on, only turnkey solutions will be provided to end users in business. This implies that the unicist ontology based and objects driven technologies will be only provided to Corporate and Professional Partners. No technologies will be sold to end-users.

This implies that end-users only need to manage the operation of the business objects / business units / business processes that are installed.

The partners who participate in the development of solutions will have the Unicist Knowledge Object Manager, the Unicist Fact-book and the Centralized Quality Assurance Services available.

As the Unicist Confederation deals with the adaptive aspects of businesses, the core aspect is the definition of the actual possibilities of a business defined in its diagnoses. Therefore we recommend that you access the book on “The Unicist Standard for Ontological Business Diagnostics” at the Unicist Library:

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a global decentralized world-class research organization in the field of human adaptive systems. https://www.unicist-school.org/complexity-sciences/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/turi.pdf