Valid ontologies need to emulate the structure of nature

Ontological approaches are necessary to deal with complex systems. They are now a trend in the world to deal with complexity.

Albert Einstein said: God does not play dice with the universe. We strongly suggest accepting that any approach to ontology needs to emulate the structure of nature. That is what the unicist ontology is about. If not you are playing dice.

The risk of being fallacious when defining an ontology is enormous. It is naturally a projection of the individual unless that person has a conscious quality assurance system in mind. Ontologies by definition need to emulate the ontogenetic intelligence of nature.

Until this is accepted they are just hypothetical approaches having no logical foundations. Without emulating nature ontologies are just subjective projections and, when accepted as being true, they become a religious knowledge. But there are wise people who can approach nature intuitively.

Unicist ontologies were researched following the structure of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature having therefore reasonable, understandable and provable foundations.

I personally invite you to enter the world of ontologies, but without playing dice.

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Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the pioneering organization in the development of ontology based and business object driven solutions for businesses. More than 3,500 ontological researches were developed since 1976 until September 2010 in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution.