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Unicist Fallacy-Shooting

Unicist Fallacy-Shooting

Killing fallacies ensures the functionality of adaptive actions, ensures results and fosters evolution. The butterfly effect of the chaos theory is a homologous example of the functionality of the destructive power of fallacies

The butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location. The butterfly does not power or directly create the tornado, but the term is intended to imply that the flap of the butterfly’s wings can cause the tornado

Fallacies generate butterfly effects. A butterfly effect occurs anytime the functionality of an adaptive system is beyond its functionality zone in nature or its credibility zone in artificial adaptive systems. The latter is the case of businesses.

80% of the startups fail within the first two years of existence. Fallacies kill them. Fallacies are no mistakes, from mistakes one can learn. When one has built a fallacy, it is because it is necessary, and is believed as being true and functional.

90% of the social conflicts and crises are triggered by fallacies and sustained by fallacious myths that allow a social group to avoid the responsibility of an evolutionary approach.

Fallacies are natural in facileness driven environments and rare in environments of doers where the results need to be achieved.

We invite you to learn how fallacies work in order to avoid them.

Unicist Reflection to Avoid Fallacies

Unicist reflection is an approach to complex human adaptive systems to understand their nature, define the possibilities to influence them, apprehend the algorithms that allow exerting influence and generate added value.

Unicist reflection has no relationship with other introspective approaches like religious introspection, transcendent meditation, yoga or other technologies that have been developed for different purposes. Unicist Reflection has been developed to deal with complex human adaptive systems, such as businesses, to develop scenarios, diagnoses and strategies to achieve possible results.

Reflection covers five stages before reaching the environment adaptation and the influence upon it.

Business Problem Solving

0 – Focus on the solution

1 – Dealing with projections
– Beta brainwaves suffice
– Destructive pilot tests

2 – Dealing with Introjections
– Alpha brainwaves are needed
– Non-destructive – Destructive pilot tests

Universal Problem Solving

3 – Dealing with integration
-Theta brainwaves are needed
– Non-destructive pilot tests

4 – Dealing with communion
– Gamma brainwaves are needed
– Results validation

5 – Dealing with the unified field

Stages 1), 2) and 3) include pilot tests. Stages 4) and 5) imply real action.

The Inhibition of Fallacies

The avoidance of fallacies includes the integration of two activities with a personal attitude towards the generation of value.

The basic condition to avoid fallacies is to have the necessary humbleness to confirm all what one thinks by real actions and measuring the corresponding results. The use of the ethics of fundaments and the use of destructive tests is what allows avoiding fallacies in decision making.

These fundaments need to be integrated with the empirical justifications that are produced when the results are being measured. But it is necessary to have a true intention of generating added value in order to use these approaches to avoid fallacies.

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