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Cultures involve driven by elites of Stagnant Survivors

The gap between development and underdevelopment grows based on the involution produced by the countries lead by stagnant survivors.

Stagnant Survivors are individuals with a complex driven behavior that sustains the parallel reality they live in and the responsibility avoidance they need to exert to be in a comfort zone.

The paradox is that their comfort zone is a conflict zone for those who surround them. Complexes drive individuals towards the ethics of survivors and generate a stagnated status at this ethical level.

Stagnant survivors cannot manage time. As they are survivors who deeply consider that they cannot avoid being where they are, they need to blame others and avoid managing time. Time management requires a Complex free behavior.

The stagnated status is based on a fallacious utopia that justifies their actions and forces them to exert power while they appropriate the value they need to feel comfortable.

The justifications are built upon fallacies to sustain their actions, beliefs and needs.

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