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Independence Day: We expelled the aliens (an enigma) (*)

Now the information has been declassified: Aliens came to Earth to stupefy humanity which would provoke:

1)      Endless conflicts and wars
2)      Poverty
3)      All kind of fundamentalisms
4)      Aliens’ final invasion would become easy

Now we can publish the true story. They came and disseminated the “stupefying virus” which provoked a massive “egotitis” (inflammation of the ego) that began to generate an extreme individualism adequately packaged with the necessary justifications.

To combat the aliens we installed:

1)      The ethic of foundations, so everyone could know what they were doing,  forcing to use conscious egotitis (which doesn’t exist).

2)      Diagnostics, so everyone only did what was possible and functional, leaving the desires aside.

3)      Business residencies to allow people, through hard applicative work, to learn how to deal with the adaptive aspects of reality which are homologous to aliens.

At the beginning the battle was not fair. Foundations, which are necessary to store knowledge to use at work, were replaced by justifications.

Diagnoses were not done and replaced by personal projections where desires, and therefore egotitis, prevailed.

Residencies with hard work were replaced by “Books for Dummies” and “Tell me How” demands in order to avoid needing to confront with one’s ignorance.

We developed an alternative plan B. But it didn’t work.

Finally, we had to develop a plan C that did work.

Lessons learned

1)      People who do not have the foundations of a specific knowledge cannot use it; they are aliens on earth.

2)      People who do not develop validated diagnoses before doing something, cannot add value; they are aliens on earth.

That is why The Unicist Research Institute, that led the battle against the aliens, decided:

1)      It is not acceptable that individuals have no foundations of what they say or do. They might be mutations of aliens.

2)    From now on the lack of diagnoses is considered a crime against humanity, in order to avoid the possibility of an aliens’ comeback.

You are immune against aliens’ invasion if you know what the plan C was.

Peter Belohlavek

Question: which was the plan C?

Enigmas have many solutions. In the Far East, enigmas are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility. Next week one of the answers will be published in this blog.

(*) Allegory of the film “Independence Day”