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Donald Trump: The Era of Sustainable Globalization

The elections won by Mr. Donald Trump might represent a turning point in America’s economic positioning as a response to the consolidation of several influential poles in the world, after the division between capitalists and communists ended.

This implies a change in the rules for global businesses. If it is a turning point, it will generate the opposition of all those who live in a comfort zone. Based on our forecasts USA is moving towards a “Sustainable Globalization Model”.

The core of this stage is the diplomacy of the participants because in fact it is a war between economic interests that now are totally different. The “war in peace” begins because USA finally decided to move from being the one who pays the bills to foster economic freedom and now decided to assume the leadership of its own interests.

The first step will be a confrontation of dissuasion powers in order to establish the new positions. This can adopt multiple shapes considering that if diplomacy (as a “war in peace” action) fails, real economic war will begin.

Those who have a positive trade balance are being threatened by the change of the positioning of USA and might become more threatened if the exports from the USA begin to be fostered.  This cannot be expected in the short term because of the investment and time needed to install automation to compensate the low wages of the developing countries.

From now on the globalization will be limited by the national interests of all countries including the USA. The United States have no more benefit from adopting the role of the “tutor” of freedom because the battle between freedom and security, capitalism vs. communism, ended. The confrontation between interests adopted a new shape.

This changes the way international companies need to design their business which implies that many of them will have to make their nationality prevail over the short term interests of the business.

Unicist Press Committee

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute has been, since 1976, the pioneer in using a unicist ontological approach to deal with complexity. It introduced a paradigm shift in sciences emulating the triadic intelligence of nature, integrating complexity sciences with systemic sciences. This research allowed developing unicist technologies to manage the complex aspects in the social, business and individual fields.