Dissuasion Power

The Dissuasion power allows exerting diplomatic power

Dissuasion power has two possibilities: being a military power or an economic power. There are no other alternatives. It is possible to manage other’s dissuasion power by understanding the dissuasion power of countries and the accepted rules of the environment that cannot be avoided.

“The confrontation capacity of a culture defines the dissuasion power of a Nation. The dissuasion power is in charge of ensuring the minimum strategy of a country. Therefore it needs to be 100% reliable.

Understanding the possible confrontation allows empowering the available dissuasion power knowing in which environments one can rely on this power.

The Dissuasion Power is given by the capacity to expand without needing to confront.

The dissuasion power has been associated in the past to military capacity. And there is no doubt that it still is and will always be.

But even though more than 80% of the population in the world is not involved in a war, it is included in the competition of who sells to whom. The one who sells produces jobs and wellbeing and the one who buys has to have the money and other jobs to pay for what has been bought.

When presenting the dissuasion power we will be making an explicit analogy with military warfare.”

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