Opportunities Program

Opportunities Program

The Opportunities Program of the Unicist Goodwill Network is developed for students under 26 years old, based on the technologies developed at The Unicist Research Institute.

The Unicist Research Institute has been, since 1976, a pioneer in complexity sciences and a precursor of the 4th industrial revolution in the field of the research of adaptive environments and systems.

This drove to the development of more than 5,000 researches in complex adaptive environments that established the framework of the unicist evolutionary approach that allows dealing with the possibilities of the 4th industrial revolution and specifically with adaptiveness in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution.

These researches allowed managing the root causes of processes, of evolution and of human behavior.

Unicist Evolutionary Approach

Characteristics of the Opportunities Program

This program is based on giving access to the unicist evolutionary approach to the participants to fulfill the needs of the markets opened by the 4th industrial revolution.

The 4th industrial revolution is the first revolution that is focused on the generation of superior value. Adaptiveness, customer orientation, productivity, quality, growth and profitability are the drivers of the new stage.

This revolution made the management of the unified field of businesses possible, which requires having the knowledge of the concepts of businesses and their functions.

As concepts drive human actions, the next generation leaders are those who can apprehend the concepts of what needs to be done, which allows them to manage the operation in an adaptive way.

Unicist Evolutionary Approach

There are two opportunities programs ongoing

  • The Next Generation Leaders Program, which is developed worldwide except for the countries in which the 50-year Transgenerational Program is developed.
  • The 50-year Transgenerational Program for microeconomic driven development (Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Ukraine, UK).

All the participants of the program take part as volunteers of The Unicist School for 3 hours a month during a full year. The goal is that they have the opportunity to become employed by the companies that participate in the programs.

Characteristics of the Learning Program

  1. The program fosters the Empowerment of Personal Evolution and Employability for active college and graduate students (Up to 26 years old).
  2. 3-month fully sponsored program learning to manage concepts and the unicist evolutionary approach to business (demanding 5 hours weekly)
  3. Virtual learning program based on lectures, the use of micro-videos and e-books
  4. Continuous counseling (off-line)
  5. Diploma


PRIVACY POLICY: We at The Unicist Research Institute know how important it is that the information about you is used in an appropriate way. Your information will never be released, rented or sold to any other persons, organizations or companies. We will never collect any information about you without your prior knowledge, our information is collected using lawful methods as set by the Data Protection act of 1998.

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