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Project on Microeconomics Driven Development

A 50-year Vision to Drive Transgenerational Evolution

The Unicist School associated with nonprofit organizations is working on the development of an international project introducing “Microeconomics driven Development” in countries. The international presentation of the “Microeconomics driven Development” project took place on November 29, 2018. This is a cross-cultural approach that has no political bias.

Unicist Evolutionary Economics

Evolutionary Economics, Thorstein Bunde Veblen, tried to change economics focusing on social development and sustainability.

Unfortunately, the lack of a model to understand and manage evolution transformed evolutionary economics into a utopian framework.

The discovery of the ontogenesis of evolution, Peter Belohlavek, provided the model needed to recover evolutionary economics to manage the sustainability of economic evolution based the empowerment of knowledge economy and microeconomics driven development.

It has to be considered that in an evolutionary approach, microeconomics drives the evolution while macroeconomics establishes the framework for social development.

There are four countries that can be considered as paradigmatic examples of microeconomics driven evolution: USA, China, Japan and Germany.

It requires entering the depth of their economic behavior to find that they are driven by microeconomics although their cultural archetypes and behaviors are significantly different.

The initial projects that are being promoted are:

  • Argentina: dealing with stable and sustainable development (access)
  • Brazil: dealing with the empowerment of the emergent segments of the economy (access)
  • Spain: dealing with the empowerment of economic integration (access)
  • Ukraine: dealing with sustainable globalization (access)
  • United Kingdom: dealing with the empowerment of the post-Brexit economy (access)

The next stage is to expand the projects to countries that are fully oil, mining or agriculture dependent.

A 50-Year Project based on Immediate Results

Based on the experiences of cultural changes that happened in countries like Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Spain, it can be said that these processes demand several generations to become established.


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