Microeconomics Driven Development

Project on Microeconomics Driven Development

A 50-year Vision to Drive Transgenerational Evolution

The Unicist School associated with nonprofit organizations is working on the development of an international project introducing “Microeconomics driven Development” in countries. The international presentation of the “Microeconomics driven Development” project will take place on October 30, 2018 and will be transmitted on the internet for the community. This is a cross-cultural approach that has no political bias.

Available: 10/30/18

This event will include the presentation of the basics that underlie the actions that will be implemented by the local think tanks / foundations to develop the project in each country.

These basics are included in the book of “Microeconomics driven Development”, that deals with the social and economic aspects, and in the book “Enterprise 4.0” that deals with the business aspects. It is a transgenerational project that needs to be self-supported to ensure its sustainable evolution in time.

It is based on the unicist approach to knowledge economy that establishes a framework that generates growth in the emergent segments of a society that materialize the new utopias of the culture until they become installed in the myths of the establishment and spread on the whole culture. This requires having a sustainable globalization approach that is based on the national interests of a country that need to be defended by its elites.

Click on the image to access a synthesis of the Enterprise 4.0.

The 4th industrial revolution made the knowledge economy meaningful in the real world. Its main goals of increasing adaptiveness, customer orientation, productivity and quality, established a new standard that needs to be matched to deal in a globalized world.

It requires moving from a systemic mindset to conceptual mindset that in fact requires integrating the operational, analytical, systemic and conceptual mindsets to match the different roles in the real economy.

A 50-Year Project based on Immediate Results

Based on the experiences of cultural changes that happened in countries like Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Spain, it can be said that these processes demand several generations to become established.

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