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Free program on Ethical Intelligence in Business developed by Diana Belohlavek

A breakthrough discovery in the field of human intelligence, Ethical Intelligence, is now available in a Goodwill activity of The Unicist Research Institute as a free learning program on “Ethical Intelligence in Business” developed by Diana Belohlavek.

This program is available in English and Spanish and will soon be available in German and Portuguese.

“Ethical intelligence establishes the game rules to run businesses. Different activities require different rules. Adapting to an environment requires respecting the rules of the reality one is dealing with.

For example:
– The use of the survivors’ ethical intelligence is functional to run small business and deal with conjunctural threats.
– The use of value earning ethical intelligence is functional to run distribution businesses and to increase profits.
– The use of added value ethical intelligence is functional to run industrial businesses and lead to market expansions.
– The use of the ethics of foundations is functional to run knowledge businesses and health businesses.
– The use of the conceptual ethical intelligence is functional to deal with research and complexity sciences.

There is a paradox in the human approach to ethics in business. Some people consider that “The higher the ethical level, the better the business”.

This is a fallacy. Running a business is like catching a train that is already running. You have to run at the same speed to jump on it. If you are running slower than the train you won’t be able to catch it. If you are running faster than the train, you will not only miss the train but also waste your energy.

If you have a lower ethics than the one that is required by the business you will be downgrading it and losing market share. If you have a higher ethics than what is required, you will lose market share and also money.”

We invite you to participate. You will find the program here:

In English:
In Spanish:

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Peter Belohlavek