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Unicist Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics are homologous

The unicist unified field

The unicist approach deals with reality considered as a unified field. This unified field is defined by the extrinsic and intrinsic concepts that have been discovered. These unicist concepts are the unicist ontology that defines and regulates the nature of the entity that is being dealt with.

This unified field is defined by a credibility zone when we deal with extrinsic concepts and by a functionality zone when dealing with intrinsic concepts.

Every being can be described by the three principles and functions that define it. It has a purpose, an action principle and an energy conservation principle.

These three elements are integrated in its oneness considering a specific functionality in the environment. Every reality, considered from a functional point of view, has a unique essential structure.

The credibility or functionality zone behaves like a “micro-cosmos”. Its functionality is compatible and homologous to what is known as quantum mechanics.

The active function works as “waves” and the energy conservation function works as “particles”.

A particle is an object which is sub-atomic and has a definite mass and charge.

A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, usually with transference of energy.

This implies that a given reality works as “waves and particles”.


1)      The maximal strategies are based on the influence exerted by the energy of waves.
2)      The minimum strategies are based on the action of particles.
3)      Backward-chaining thinking is based on waves.
4)      Forward-chaining thinking is based on particles.
5)      Evolution is triggered by the spontaneous use of waves to adapt to reality.
6)      Involution is triggered by the spontaneous use of particles to adapt to reality.

Unicist Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics

Unicist Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics are homologous in their wave-particle dualistic structure.

We just presented the structure of their homology and several examples to make the homology vivid. The unicist ontological structures, as sub-atomic structures and viruses, leave no fossils.

That is why they cannot be materialistically grasped. They need to be apprehended in their nature and measured in their results. Influencing nature implies the recognition of this fact.

Peter Belohlavek

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