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Unicist Future Research: The elite in stagnated countries

Stagnated countries are those that cannot evolve with the necessary speed to adapt to the global world.

Describing the archetypical behavior of a culture it can be said that elites provide the active principle of a culture; the final purpose is in the well-being of the mass and the energy conservation is provided by the middle class.

Observing the behavior of the elite of a culture the evolution of the archetype becomes evident.The elite itself is integrated by different groups.

The dominant group of the elite is the one that establishes the trends of the evolution of the archetype. When there is no dominant group, societies’ behavior becomes chaotic.

When there is no dominant group in the elite that drives evolution, to avoid chaos, the government becomes the elite itself. In this case there can be no separation between the State and the government which is a basic condition for the existence of any type of democracy.

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Peter Belohlavek