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Unicist Hyperrealism for Business Modeling

The emulation of reality is a hyperrealistic construction. A business model is, by definition, a hyperreality.

Unicist hyperrealism becomes functional when the unified field of a business has been envisioned in its oneness, including the operational aspects that allow achieving the established goals.

Unicist hyperrealism requires being able to define a business model at an ontological (conceptual) level and describe its operational aspects.

This process requires integrating different contexts, including the person who is envisioning it, in a unified field. A reflection process is necessary because dualistic thinking doesn’t suffice to build a unified field; it hinders its building.

It has to be considered that the unicist reflection process is driven by real pilot tests.

This is what allows building the hyperreality of a business model. Without real pilot tests there is no possibility to validate a business model.

Until the emulation demonstrates its actual functionality, it is just a hypothesis or a projection of those who did it.