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Expanding intelligence by expanding the use of language

The Unicist Goodwill Network has launched a program for young people to help them to expand their possibilities by expanding the use of language.

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There are almost 2 billion inhabitants in the world that are under 15 years old who can be helped in their evolution.

Conscious intelligence requires the use of language in order to be able to develop reasoning processes. The lower the level of language an individual uses, the lower the level of conscious intelligence s/he has.

The program of the UGN was developed to use cell phone messaging as the vehicle to expand the use of language.

We invite all type of organizations worldwide to promote this activity among children and young people.

It has been developed in English, Portuguese and Spanish but we would be pleased if it is expanded to other languages.

Access the program at the Unicist Goodwill Network:

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became the major research organization in the world in the field of human adaptive systems. More than 4,200 unicist ontological researches were developed since 1976 until December 2011 in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution. They included the development of the unicist ontogenetic maps (DNA) of institutions.