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Fundamentals-based AI and Data-based AI

The unicist artificial Intelligence is integrated by fundamentals-based AI, data-based AI and a fundamentals knowledge-management system to provide functional knowledge in adaptive environments.

Unicist Artificial Intelligence

The fundamentals-based AI is based on the use of the ontogenetic maps of the concepts and fundamentals that drive the functionality of the process involved and the use of pilot tests to learn from the environment.

Fundamentals-based AI uses predictors to monitor the functionality of processes and as an input to the inference engine that allows defining the actions that are tested to confirm their functionality.

The data-based AI is supported by the fundamentals-based AI to avoid having subjective biases.

When the quantity of data does not suffice, data-based AI is replaced by the use of non-destructive testing that provides analogous information.

Unicist artificial intelligence provides the necessary functional knowledge to manage the functionality and evolution of adaptive environments.

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute has been, since 1976, the pioneer in complexity science research where the Unicist Evolutionary Approach was developed. It was one of the precursors of the Industry 4.0 concept.