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Unicist Riddle: Cooperation in Diversity

Thousands of years ago, an alien male individual in an unknown country decided to adopt the unicist way of life. No one perceived a difference in his behavior. He was part of a family, a clan and lived as everyone did. What people did not notice is that his personal life changed completely. Things happened during the night while he should have been asleep. Instead of being asleep he heard extremely loud noises in his head. Ghosts come and leave, or not, during the night.

Albert EinsteinAt the beginning he thought he was ill; but after several nights he began to hear that the noises were in fact voices, the voices of his organs. Unicist ethics was based on democracy, and his organs were trying to introduce democracy within his body.

No problem at all, he thought, democracy always drives towards growth. But time passed and the organs could not agree on who should be their President.

After having many assemblies, there were three final competitors for President:

  • The brain – representing the conservative party
  • The heart – representing the green party
  • The hands – representing the labor party

No one knows how there appeared a fourth candidate participating in the election which was the anus. It is said that the anus cheated, but in fact he was there, competing with the conservatives, the green and the labor parties.

He was an independent. He was proud of that. He felt he was the only one who could coordinate the body in a democratic way.

Elections happened in an assembly with no secret votes. Transparency is the rule of a human body (but only inside). It was supposed to be a debate with all the candidates present and finally the assembly would vote the president.

The brain began explaining why the brain was in control of the nervous system and could foster the growth of the individual. While the brain was exposing; the anus tried to interrupt but his intervention was hindered by the assembly.

Then the heart spoke, explaining how important blood and feelings were in the evolution of the body. The anus tried to participate again but his intervention was hindered by the assembly.

Finally the hands explained how important their function was. Without hands there would be no food and the body would die. The anus tried to intervene again and was not allowed to speak by the crowd.

As the assembly went on for too many hours, it was suspended until the next day, in order to let the anus expose his point of view.

But on the next day there was no assembly. The anus had “shut down” and did not want to participate in any coordinated activity with the other organs of the body.

One week afterward the individual had headaches. Two weeks afterwards he was sick and three weeks afterwards the anus was the President.

But this is not the end of the story. If it would be it would mean that any “gatekeeper” could be the president in order to avoid headaches.

The labor party did not agree with the independent anus and began to strike in order to ensure that the democratic rules should include the positive votes of every organ and not be based on the exclusion capacity of an organ.

They provoked a labor revolution. “Democracy must be sustained by actions” was the motto of the campaign. Inaction is unethical.

The individual was sick for six months. It was the time the body needed to accept that only the value added by an organ can define its political role.

Finally the government was assumed by a troika: the brain, the heart and the hands and the individual continued with his normal life. The anus is still there and very sensitive to the food the hands provide, the feelings of the heart and the chronology of the brain.

Peter Belohlavek

What was the purpose of the anus?

(1) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.