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Primus Inter Pares Program

Primus Inter Pares Program

A change of habits for young professionals and businessmen/women

Facileness is Expanding too Fast in the World

Facileness needs to be avoided to assume leading roles.  The “Primus inter Pares” Program fosters the development of a strategic approach to reality, dealing with short-term results while a long-term approach is introduced. It is part of the Micro-economics driven Development 50-year project.

A fully Sponsored Program:

1) The Unicist Evolutionary Approach
2) Managing the Unified Field of Businesses
3) Designing Maximal and Minimum Strategies
4) Using Objects and Roles driven Management
5) Using Behavioral Catalysts of Processes

Microeconomics driven Development 50-year Project

Microeconomics driven Development is, by definition, a bottom up catalyst driven project that fosters sustainable social and economic evolution.  The discoveries of the root causes of evolution made at The Unicist Research Institute, allowed developing the unicist evolutionary approach that manages the unified field and the root causes of social, individual and business evolution.

The unicist evolutionary approach manages the concepts and fundamentals of processes and is synthesized in the unicist strategy and the unicist conceptual management that emulate the intelligence, organization and evolution of nature to develop maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

The unicist evolutionary approach manages:

1. The root causes of evolution, to deal with the context.
2. The root causes of processes, to design and optimize processes and action plans.
3. The root cause of behavior, to understand and influence behavior.
4. The emulation of processes to develop their conceptual design.
5. The ontogenetic maps, to design processes and objects.
6. The unified fields of processes, to define the conceptual and systemic structures.

The unicist evolutionary approach emulates the triadic organization of nature to foster the evolution of things. Evolution needs to be understood and influenced in order to adapt to the environment.

Characteristics of the Program

1. A Fully sponsored program
2. The coordinator of this non-profit program is Peter Belohlavek
3. Fully sponsored ebooks
4. Access to documents on Facebook
5. Optional discussion forum on The Unicist School´s site
6. An ongoing program

Core Concepts of the Program:

1) The Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The unicist evolutionary approach was developed based on the resources of the 4th industrial revolution to provide a simple way to foster business expansion of companies whatever their type or size. This approach ensures business growth, profitability and sustainability.

Unicist Evolutionary Approach to Business

The 4th Industrial Revolution introduced the need of having a conceptual mindset to manage the possibilities opened by adaptive business processes. It requires going beyond the systemic mindset introduced by the 3rd Industrial Revolution.

2) The Unified Field of Businesses

The unified field of adaptive systems or environments is defined by the map of the functions, processes and objects that define their functionality. The management of the unified field allows ensuring the functionality of all the aspects that are required to generate a predefined result.

The knowledge of the unified field is necessary to define strategies, install business objects and use catalysts to accelerate the generation of results.

3) Designing Maximal and Minimum Strategies

Unicist Strategy was created to develop strategies in adaptive environments, integrating expansive and defensive strategies as a unit to ensure results. It is a planning process to achieve possible goals developing maximal strategies to expand and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Unicist strategies are based on the input provided by the wide context scenarios and the restricted context scenarios.

4) Using Objects and Roles driven Management

The Object Driven Organization emulates the organization of nature in institutions. The same way nature is organized by objects, every complex adaptive system is integrated by interdependent objects that make adaptiveness possible.

The human body is an example of this organization by objects. The use of business objects structures the timing and synchronicity of business processes.

5) Using Behavioral Catalysts of Processes

Unicist business catalysts are process-accelerators that improve results and save costs. Their functionality is based on the use of the concepts and fundamentals of the business functions to manage the root causes of processes.

The unicist evolutionary approach is a catalyst itself, to deal with adaptive systems and environments using the resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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