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Fundamentalists live in parallel realities

Fundamentalism is expanding in the world because the successive crises generate the ethical degradation of cultures in order to survive. When survivors feel stagnated, they naturally drive towards fundamentalist behavior.

“Everybody lives in different realities. Vacations, family life, jobs, communitarian activities, are examples of different spheres (realities) in which individuals live.

But they become parallel realities when there is a compulsion to create a separate world to escape, obtain pleasure, patronize or avoid responsibilities in the real world.

Parallel realities are imaginary situations installed beyond the real world that are built upon fallacious beliefs or needs. Fallacies are functional to humans. Individual fallacies reduce personal energy consumption, and fallacious utopias ensure the perception that something useful will be done.

While utopias function as action drivers, fallacious utopias function as empty “action promises”. Fundamentalism, considered as an objective characteristic an individual needs to survive, requires “living” in a parallel world to avoid self-perception.

To build this parallel world individuals use their projection capacity to deposit on the environment what they need to perceive in order to feel comfortable.”

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