Using the unicist standard to deal with adaptive systems

The unicist standard deals with reality considered as a unified field. The unified field is  defined by the extrinsic and intrinsic concepts that have been discovered.

These unicist concepts are the unicist ontology that defines and regulates the nature of the entity that is being dealt with.

This unified field is defined by a credibility zone when we deal with extrinsic concepts and by a functionality zone when dealing with intrinsic concepts.

Every being can be described by the three principles and functions that define it. It has a purpose, an action principle and an energy conservation principle.

These three elements are integrated in its oneness considering a specific functionality in the environment. Every reality, considered from a functional point of view, has a unique essential structure.

Concepts behave as strange attractors

Behavior oscillates, with higher or lower frequency, between expansion and contraction, and at the same time between security and freedom.

This double oscillation makes concepts behave as strange attractors. When a given behavior moves towards freedom, it will return seeking for security.

The amplitude or importance of the qualitative and quantitative modification does not necessarily determine the amplitude or importance of the next move.

The same phenomenon happens when moving towards expansion or contraction.

Therefore within the credibility zone behavior appears as chaotic, but following the patterns of the behavior of strange attractors.

Possibilities define the existence of a functionality/credibility zone while probabilities define the behavior within the functionality/credibility zone.

In intrinsic concepts, possibilities define the existence of a functionality zone but probabilities define the behavior within such zone.

In extrinsic concepts, possibilities define the existence of a credibility zone but probabilities define the behavior within such zone.

The credibility or functionality zone behaves like a “micro-cosmos”. Its functionality is compatible and homologous to what is known as quantum mechanics.

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