Unicist Goodwill Network

The Unicist Goodwill Network (UGN) is a non-profit organization that fosters: “Equal Opportunities for All” by empowering the intelligence of young people. The empowerment of intelligence is based on the expansion of the capacity of conscious reasoning. The UGN is sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute. All the programs of the UGN are free for the participants.

The spirit of this Goodwill Network is based on:

  • an attitude of value adding
  • a democratic approach
  • an ecumenical spirit

The Unicist Goodwill Network already gave access to the unicist logical approach to more than 500,000 members of the community fostering the generation of value and the empowerment of personal intelligence.


Managing Root-Causes

The management of root-causes at a personal level will empower your evolution. It requires only a personal commitment.

Managing Business Concepts

The management of concepts in businesses makes them reasonable, understandable and predictable. Here you can access the information.