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The Unicist School

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach
Based on the Use of Double Dialectical Logic

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach is a logical approach that uses unicist double dialectics to manage adaptiveness by developing double dialectical actions to ensure results.

The unicist double dialectical logic developed by Peter Belohlavek unifies the Western and the Eastern approaches to knowledge and allows integrating philosophy, sciences and actions in a unified field to generate value.

This dialectical approach refutes the dualistic approach of the dialectics of Hegel and Marx which are only valid in non-adaptive environments that have closed boundaries.

The unicist double dialectical logic is the natural logic to deal with adaptive environments that have open boundaries and is the integrator of all logical reasoning patterns. It emulates the intelligence of nature and allows understanding the root causes and the unified field of processes, evolution and behavior. 

The Unicist School works as an unincorporated non-profit association fully sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute.

Core Activities

XI International Unicist Conference

The XI International Unicist Conference is now in its preparation period. The Unicist Conferences are a virtual space where the Unicist Theory and its applications to deal with the nature of businesses are shared with the community. These Conferences sustained the community of The Unicist School that has now more than 100,000 members worldwide.

The XI International Unicist Conference has three core objectives:

1) The presentation of the global social, economic, political business trends 2020/2021.

2) Presentations of researches and essays on the “Microeconomics driven Development” Program

3) Honor the achievements in the field of business objects development that emulate the organization of nature.

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Microeconomics Driven Development

Microeconomics driven Development is, by definition, a bottom up catalyst driven project that fosters sustainable social and economic evolution.
It is based on minimizing facileness, the empowerment of the cultural belonging, the value of work, the value of learning and the installation of a second opportunity ethics.
The project is based on installing catalysts for social evolution. Social catalysts are accelerators of social and microeconomic evolutionary processes which require being based on the archetypes of cultures and their institutions empowering their functionality.

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Peers in the World Program for Undergraduate Students

The Peers in the World Program is focused on fostering an evolutionary approach to reality for the future leaders of the community. The goal of the program is that they apprehend the guiding idea of using a conceptual mindset to better adapt to the environment. It is a fully Sponsored Program:

1. The Unicist Evolutionary Approach
2. The Sporting Spirit
3. The Use of Unicist Riddles and the Practice of “GO”
4. The Use of Conceptual Mapping
5. Going beyond Dualism

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PRIVACY POLICY: We at the Unicist Confederation know how important it is that the information about you is used in an appropriate way. Your information will never be released, rented or sold to any other persons, organizations or companies. We will never collect any information about you without your prior knowledge, our information is collected using lawful methods as set by the Data Protection act of 1998.

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