The Unicist School

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach
Managing the Unified Field of Adaptive Environments

The Unicist School is a school of science and technology, created by Peter Belohlavek, that fosters the use of the unicist evolutionary approach to build sustainable growth at a micro-macro-economic and social level. This approach is materialized by the use of unicist strategies, that emulate the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, and allow developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure survival. It works as an unincorporated non-profit association fully sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute.

Scope of Activities

Project: Microeconomics Driven Development

The objective of this approach to social development is to introduce an evolutionary structure based on the growth of the real economy that drives the evolution of societies.

It is 50-year Transgenerational Evolution Project based on the introduction of abductive reasoning in the collective intelligence that needs to be self-supported to ensure its sustainable evolution in time.

Based on the characteristics of the economic development of a country, this project is focused on three (inclusive) different possibilities:

1) Fostering economic autonomy
2) Fostering the level of industrialization
3) Fostering sustainable globalization

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The Unicist Evolutionary Approach in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution is an upgrade towards a superior level of value generation. The unicist evolutionary approach to the 4th Industrial Revolution is based on managing the unified field of business functions to increase their adaptability, productivity, quality, customer orientation and sustainability.

The unified field is managed by cognitive systems with Unicist Artificial Intelligence that use the ontogenetic maps of business functions to manage the concepts and fundamentals of businesses. This increases the competitive advantages and fosters growth and profitability.

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Future Scenario Building

The Future Research Lab uses unicist conceptual and fundamental structures, hard data and logical rules to analyze the present and infer the future. The Unicist Future Research Laboratory has assumed an active role to influence leaders and the public opinion informing about the structural trends that underlie implicit or explicit conjunctural conflicts in the social, economic and business fields. Among other developments on future scenarios, the Lab developed the archetypes of 70 countries that allows developing specific future scenarios.

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XI International Unicist Conference

The International Unicist Conferences are a virtual space to share discoveries, researches, developments and experiences with the members of The Unicist School. They have three central goals to be fulfilled:

• The sharing of basic researches
• The sharing of social applications
• The sharing of business applications

The Conferences also honor those organizations and individuals that introduced significant upgrades in their field of action. These Conferences are sustained by the community of The Unicist School that has now more than 100,000 members worldwide.

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