Fostering Growth through Partnering

Introducing the Functionalist Principles in the World

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The Unicist Functionalist Principle

uses Binary Actions to Open Possibilities & Ensure Results

The Unicist School works as an unincorporated non-profit association fully sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute. It is a school of science and technology that fosters sustainable growth at a micro-macro-economic and social level through a partnering attitude, a constructivist approach, and the use of functionalist principles.

The functionalist principle defines that there is nothing in the universe, which is part of a system, that does not work with a purpose, an active function, and an energy conservation function, integrated by the use of binary actions.

This is managed using the ontogenetic maps of things that define and describe their functionalist principles and are shared with the community in the Unicist Collaboration Center. 


Unicist Collaboration Center

Partnering with Companies & Professionals

This is sort of a club for those who are interested in expanding in the world through partnering, based on the use of functionalist principles and the use of a functionalist approach that ensures the generation of value.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is introducing a social revolution based on the use of adaptive automation to enhance adaptability, which made binary actions necessary to ensure the functionality of processes.


Program for Adolescents

To expand the mindset of the next generation

We invite you to invite your children or the children of your friends to participate in the “Empower your Freedom” program that will take place on TWITCH from August 2022 on.

It is a non-profit program that has been designed for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old. It works as a catalyst for abductive reasoning processes and demands 1-hour a week (including the 20-minute session on TWITCH).


Unicist Golden Eagle Awards

Fostering an evolutionary approach

The Unicist Golden Eagle is an award that is given to all those who have developed a notorious case of a solution using binary actions to generate value in business environments.

Binary actions are implicitly part of a functionalist approach to business that fosters evolutionary constructivism.

The Functionalist Principle
The Functionalist Principle