The Next Stage in Sciences & Technologies

The Next Stage in Sciences & Technologies

The Next Stage in Sciences & Technologies

A Functionalist Approach to Business & Economics

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Fostering the Unicist Functionalist Approach

To manage an evolutionary constructivist approach in the economic, social and business fields

There is nothing in the universe, which is part of a system, that does not work with a purpose, an active function, and an energy conservation function, integrated by complementation and supplementation laws, that define its concept.

This was based on the discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature that allowed developing the unicist logic and applied to all that happens in the universe. This is materialized in the ontogenetic maps of things that define and describe their functionality.

The Unicist School works as an unincorporated non-profit association fully sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute. It is a school of science and technology, created by Peter Belohlavek, that fosters sustainable growth at a micro-macro economic and social level.


Unicist Innovation Center

Developing collaborative activities with companies and institutions

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach allows managing the evolution of adaptive social and business environments based on the use of the unicist ontology that explains the functionality of adaptive entities.

The unicist ontology describes the nature and functionality of adaptive environments by emulating the ontogenetic intelligence of nature. This allowed developing an ontological logic, the unicist logic, that allows building the ontogenetic maps of adaptive entities.


International Exchange Space

A peer to peer exchange space

The International Exchange Space is a virtual environment to exchange information among peers.

It has been organized to establish relationships between the members of organizations and the members of The Unicist Research Institute.

In this exchange spaces, the members profit from the technologies that are shared. 


XII International Unicist Conference

Unicist Functionalist Technologies

The Unicist Conferences are organized by the Unicist School and The Unicist Research Institute, which is the world leading research organization in its segment. 

In the XII International Unicist Conference we are giving access to the basics and applications of the breakthrough technologies that manage the functionality of processes integrating the know how with the know why of adaptive business solutions. This made possible what was not possible before in the field of businesses. 

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