Fostering Evolutionary Constuctivism

and promoting a Fallacy-Shooting Movement

and promoting a Fallacy-Shooting Movement

and promoting a Fallacy-Shooting Movement


Since 2020, and as a response to the crisis generated by the COVID-19 crisis, a Fallacy-Shooting Campaign to empower personal evolution has been launched.
People build fallacies to lie to themselves. After they believe their lies, they pose them as truths to others.

Social Responsibility Actions

The Unicist Research Institute sponsors The Unicist School that gives access to the community to the paradigm shifts that empower social and individual evolution.

Unicist Standard

The Unicist School fosters the Unicist Evolutionary Constructivist Approach that uses the unicist logic to manage the evolution of adaptive environments. The unicist logic is an emulation of the intelligence of nature that allows going beyond dualism to manage adaptive environments. It allows individuals to empower their evolution and the evolution of the environment they live in.

It required creating a Fallacy-Shooting approach to promote personal evolution and minimize the damage produced by fallacies in the social and economic environments. It gives access to the information on the origin of fallacies and includes series of micro-lectures that will be uploaded on LinkedIn and Facebook for the followers of The Unicist School.

The expansion of the fallacy-shooting approach in the world is focused on two different segments:

  1. For Professionals – Inviting them to profit and share these discoveries
  2. For Students – Inviting them to install a Fallacy-Shooting Movement in the World

The Unicist School works as an unincorporated non-profit association fully sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute.

Profit from Unicist Fallacy-Shooting

Help us to minimize fallacies in the world by sharing with your colleagues & friends.

The Origin of Human Fallacies

Most of the dysfunctional behaviors at a social or individual level are triggered and sustained by fallacious decisions and actions. Fallacies make actions become an end in themselves. The understanding of the origin of fallacies and their inhibitors and antidotes will help to minimize this problem.

Until the development of the unicist logic and conceptual psychology, fallacies were considered reasoning or foundation errors. This research has demonstrated that fallacies are not errors; instead, they are functional conducts or behaviors that ascertain beliefs or needs.

The research on fallacies began in 1985/86 based on those fallacies that had notorious negative personal, social and institutional consequences.

The research showed that all fallacies have the same purpose, which is to maintain the comfort zone of an individual. As fallacies are non-conscious processes, the people involved are not aware that they are trying to maintain a comfort zone. This process can be detected after a fallacy has been installed and the consequences became evident.

The use of Unicist Reflection, which is an action-reflection-action process, ensures the avoidance of fallacious decisions.

XI International Unicist Conference

XI International Unicist Conference

The XI International Unicist Conference is now in its preparation period. The Unicist Conferences are a virtual space where the Unicist Theory and its applications to deal with the nature of businesses are shared with the community. These Conferences sustained the community of The Unicist School that has now more than 100,000 members worldwide.

The XI International Unicist Conference has three core objectives:

1) The presentation of the global social, economic, political business trends 2020/2021.

2) Presentations of researches and essays on the “Microeconomics driven Development” Program

3) Honor the achievements in the field of business objects development that emulate the organization of nature.


Microeconomics Driven Development


Microeconomics driven Development is, by definition, a bottom up catalyst driven project that fosters sustainable social and economic evolution.

It is based on minimizing facileness, the empowerment of the cultural belonging, the value of work, the value of learning and the installation of a second opportunity ethics.

The project is based on installing catalysts for social evolution. Social catalysts are accelerators of social and microeconomic evolutionary processes which require being based on the archetypes of cultures and their institutions empowering their functionality.

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