The Unicist Approach to the 4th Industrial Revolution:
Managing the Unified Field of Adaptive Environments

The Unicist School of Thought promotes the use of the unicist thinking approach to social, economic and business evolution based on managing the concepts and fundamentals that define the unified fields of specific entities or environments.

It is an integrative approach to evolution that uses the conceptual structure of the social, economic and business functions to promote sustainable development and globalization.

This approach manages the concepts and fundamentals that define the unified field of an entity or environment to define the necessary actions to develop a maximal strategy to grow and a minimum strategy to ensure survival.


Complexity Sciences

The paradigm shift in complexity sciences introduced by the Unicist Theory is based on the discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, which is the intelligence that underlies nature. It establishes the basic structures of behavior in nature and allowed the emulation of nature in the field of complex adaptive systems, integrating the “know why” with the “know how”.

Social and Economic Evolution

The Unicist Approach to Social Evolution was developed to expand social, economic and business activities worldwide considering the archetypes that underlie each culture. This approach required discovering the drivers for the evolution of countries and cultures and defining the core aspects that drive their growth.

The Unicist School organizes the groups that participate in the projects that deal with the development of economies of developing countries in Africa and America.

The goal is to empower the economic development of countries based on a micro – macro approach that fosters their evolution towards a superior level of autonomy within the environment of sustainable globalization.

Unicist Anthropology

Book Available: October 1, 2018


Business Management and Evolution

The unicist paradigm shift in sciences applied to business is given by the conceptual approach to businesses and its integration with the existing technical-analytical approach. The management of the unified field of businesses is based on using the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of a process, its components and its context to develop a system.

Personal Evolution

The discovery of the functional roots of human intelligence allowed increasing, on the one hand, the possibilities of fostering the development of adaptive behaviors to promote personal evolution, and on the other hand, increasing the capacity to understand the dynamics of human behavior to influence in the communication processes.

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