About us

About us

The Unicist School works as an unincorporated non-profit association fully sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute. It is a school of science and technology, created by Peter Belohlavek, that fosters sustainable growth at a micro-macro economic and social level.

It fosters:
1) The emulation of the intelligence of nature to include maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure survival as a personal behavioral standard.
2) The emulation of the organization of nature to deal with adaptive environments by using objects that drive and catalyze actions.
3) The emulation of the evolution of nature in order to be able to influence the environment to increase the generation of value and its sustainability.
4) The management of adaptive environments as unified fields to ensure their functionality and generation of value.


The Unicist School fosters sustainable growth based on the emulation of nature, by managing the unified field of adaptive environments and the root causes of things to develop structural solutions in the social and economic fields.

The Unified Field of Adaptive Systems

To influence adaptive environments, it is necessary to manage the concepts and fundamentals that define the unified field of their functions.

Managing Concepts & Fundamentals

The management of concepts and fundamentals of adaptive environments allows managing the root causes of their functionality.


PRIVACY POLICY: We at the Unicist Confederation know how important it is that the information about you is used in an appropriate way. Your information will never be released, rented or sold to any other persons, organizations or companies. We will never collect any information about you without your prior knowledge, our information is collected using lawful methods as set by the Data Protection act of 1998.

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