Research Project: The Development of Next-Generation Drugs for Healing

The objective of this research, which is being developed at The Unicist Research Institute,  is to develop a new approach to the functionality of health that simplifies curing processes making healthcare systems more efficient, integrating biological, psychological, and energetic processes. The objective of this approach is to expand the development of efficient drugs for healing.

Hippocrates developed the concept that there are two ways of curing people by using drugs based on similarity or by drugs that oppose the disease. This was named similia similibus curantur (like cures like) and contraria contraris curantur (opposite cures opposite).

This needs to be read as there: there are two ways of influencing the cure of diseases, the approach by similarity and the approach by opposition. The “body” uses both to restore its functionality.

The appropriation made by homeopathy of the cure by similarity is a commercial interest of homeopaths. The use of drugs that cure by similarity and drugs that cure by opposition is fully compatible and allows the development of a new stage of efficiency after the use of generic drugs was extended because of the caducity of patents.

This appropriation was based on the approach to the human organism as a whole, which is conceptual accurate but has a significant handicap in a social or private medical system because of its lack of validation which makes it 100% physician-dependent.

In terms of functionality, both curing functions are binary actions that restore the vital functionality of living beings. From this point of view, there are not two different approaches to cure. The restoration of vital functionality always includes both binary actions. “Similarity” cures by empowering the healthy part of the organism, while the cure by opposition attacks the disease.

The hypothesis is that both are part of a cure. It is not a question of one or the other. The cure by similarity is based on expanding the functional aspects of the body, which develops the opposite action to eliminate the disease. The cure by opposition is based on attacking the operational causes of the disease while the body reestablishes the functional balance of the body. The human body utilizes both methods to regain its functionality.

The curing by opposition happens at an operational level while the curing by similarity happens at a functional level. Functionality can only be restored through catalysts because there is nothing to be attacked, the flow of energy must be restored. Enzymes, widely recognized as human body catalysts, ensure the functionality of biological processes.

Operational actions can be easily measured. Catalysis of biological systems occurs at a subatomic level which requires measuring emergent indicators like the frequency of the organism and organs.

The output of the research is the generation of a methodology to develop drugs that cure by similarity and their functional integration with the use of drugs that cure by opposition. The objective is to increase the efficiency of healing processes and open the possibilities to expand their use in medicine.

The Unicist Research Institute